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The NIHONGO center provides an opportunity to learn Japanese for international students and foreign researchers. There are a variety of courses offered, so you can find a course that fits with your schedule and learning needs.


  * The Japanese language courses of the NIHONGO Center (Center for
   Japanese Language Education) are open to the following:

- International students who are already enrolled at the University of Tokyo,

  such as regular students, research students and exchange students.

    - Foreign researchers who are already working at the University of Tokyo.
    - Their spouses.
     Students and others who are currently not members of the University of
   Tokyo are not eligible to take the courses.





Information for

courses starting in October 2019





Course Guide





Most courses can be taken by any international student at the University of Tokyo, provided that application is made within the specified period.

・ Some courses require applicants to take a selection test.

・ In addition, some courses are also open to foreign researchers other than international students, as well as the spouses of international students/researchers.




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Types of Courses

The Japanese language courses are comprised of the “General Course”, “Intensive Course”, "Academic Japanese Course", and "Short-term Japanese Course ".

1.  General Course

This course meets in one to three sessions per week, so as to accommodate international students' busy schedules. The course includes general classes taught at different levels ranging from elementary to advanced, and classes focused on specific skill areas, such as kanji and intermediate conversation.


2.  Intensive Japanese Course

Offering elementary to upper-intermediate classes, this course is designed for students who are able to devote a large portion of their time to Japanese language learning. Since the purpose of the course is to significantly improve language skills in a short period, participants are expected to attend every lesson. 


3.  Academic Japanese Course

This course is aimed at equipping advanced learners with the skills necessary for writing papers in Japanese.


4.  Short-term Japanese Course

This course is aimed as students who are not able to attend classes regularly, or who arrived in the middle of a term.


* In addition, some Special Themed Seminars, which cover a specific topic for a set amount of days, will be offered.


    *Course Eligibility 



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      Classroom location

      Center for Japanese Language Education at Hongo Campus(5th floor, Administration Bureau Building 2) and elsewhere.





            There is no tuition fee.

            However, you will have to purchase the textbooks yourself for the classes as required.

Course Period  

April course in April, and October course in October (excluding short-term courses).


Course Period for Year 2019, October Course  


How to apply

Students interested in taking one of the courses need to apply during the designated application period : early April (April Course) and early October (October Course).




(Reference) Japanese language classes offered by graduate schools or departments

Apart from the Center for Japanese Language Education, some graduate courses or departments offer Japanese language classes. These classes are basically made available for the international students who are enrolled in the same graduate schools or departments, but some of these schools and departments also accept international students from other graduate schools or departments and their spouses. For more details, please inquire at the respective Japanese language class of each graduate school or department. For these courses, please register at the respective office of the class but not at the Center.





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