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About the Application Procedure

  • What happens if I am not in Tokyo during the registration period?
  • A representative can apply for you by proxy during the registration period.
  • I am a foreign researcher, but my supervisor is not available during the registration period. Is it possible to apply without a letter of request from my supervisor?
  • It is required that foreign researchers submit a letter of request from their supervisor with their application. If your supervisor will not be available during the registration period, please try to obtain this letter in advance. If this is not possible, with your supervisor’s permission, you may submit a letter from a substitute professor (this must be a member of the teaching staff, and not a secretary or member of the office staff). You can download a sample letter.
  • I want to apply as a spouse, but I have only recently married and have no written proof. What should I do?
  • It is sufficient to provide a letter addressed to your husband or wife which proves that you live at the same address. If you do not have any Japanese documents proving your marriage, you may bring evidence from your home country; however please ensure this provides both the names and photographs of you and your spouse, or if it shows only your name on it, bring an additional ID with a photo such as your passport with you.


  • My husband/wife wants to apply, but will be coming to Japan a little later. Can they apply at a later date?
  • No applications will be accepted after the registration period is over. You may apply on behalf of your spouse during this period. However, they must be able to attend within the first 5 classes.
  • I don't yet know the schedule for classes in my major. Can I apply after I find out?
  • Please apply during the registration period. If there is a conflict with your major you may withdraw from the General Course.
  • I have only just arrived in Japan and I don’t yet have my Student ID card. Can I use another form of ID?
  • You can receive proof of enrollment/registration from the office of the department you are associated with. Please bring this when registering.

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About the Class Content

  • Is there a preparation class for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)?
  • There is no class specifically aimed at the JLPT.
  • Is there homework?
  • In this course, assignments will not be given out. However, in order to improve your ability, preparation and review of class materials is recommended.

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About Textbooks

  • Where can I buy the textbooks?
  • Textbooks can be purchased at the co-op bookstore (Second Refectory, 1F). You should also be able to find them in most major bookshops.

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About Attendance

  • My class has 3 scheduled lessons per week, but because of classes in my major, I can only attend 2. Is this OK?
  • It is a rule that you should attend all 3 lessons. If you miss even one lesson a week you may not be able to keep up with the class. Teachers cannot help you with classes you have missed. Please bear this in mind when applying to the course.
  • Last semester I only attended the first half of the General Course. Can I attend only the second half this semester?
  • Please attend classes from the beginning of the course. Attendance is required throughout the semester. Furthermore, for level 4 and above, students study different contents in the Summer and the Winter terms, so you will not be studying the exact same material again.
  • I am unable to attend during the first month. Can I still apply?
  • If you can attend within the first 5 classes of the course, then you may apply. If this is not possible please apply next semester .

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About Proficiency Levels

  • I don’t know to which level I am suited. What should I do?
  • Please take the level check. You can do so at the following website:
    Japanese / English
  • In my country, I studied on my own using a textbook so I am good at reading, but weak at speaking and listening.
  • Please take the level check, and apply to the class one level below the one suited to your level.
  • I have passed JLPT level 1/2/3/4. Which class should I enter?
  • Please take the level check.
  • Is it possible to change levels after the course has begun?
  • If the class you have applied for is unsuited to your level, please speak to the teacher by the designated date (we will inform in the class) . With the teachers' agreement you may move to a more suitable class (however, it may not be possible if the class you wish to move to is already full). Please do not move classes without consulting your teacher.
  • I have taken the level check, but it said that I should attend the same level class as last semester. Won't it be boring to take the same class twice?
  • If the level check says that you should attend the same level class as last semester, it may be strongly recommended to take that class before you can comfortably continue to the next level. To provide more variation in the study materials, levels 3, 4 and 5 have different textbooks and exercises for the summer and winter semesters.


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