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Additional Registration for General Course - 19 October -

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[2019.11.25] Additional Registration has closed.



We will accept applications for the October Course Mid-Semester Entrance at the Center of Japanese Language Education.


While the October Course began in the middle of October 2019, the Mid-Semester Entrance offers the opportunity to participate in the second half of this course.  Once accepted, applicants can attend classes from the week commencing Monday, November 25.


The following levels are open for mid-semester entrance registration:  


    Level 1am/pm
    Level 2am/pm 
    Level pre3
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Kanji 1

Kanji 2

    Business Japanese

        → Click here for the current timetable.


      Please note:

        Application is closed for "Intermediate Japanese for CommunicationⅠ/Ⅱ" class.



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Application requirements

You must meet both requirements listed below:

  (1) You must be an international student or foreign researcher affiliated with UTokyo as of November 2019.

  (2) You must apply at the Center on the application date specified below in person.

       (You are not allowed to ask a proxy/representative to submit your application on your behalf, as we will conduct a face-to-face consultation with each applicant.)


*If it is determined after the consultation that no class available in the mid-semester registration suits your level, you will be invited to apply for the course starting in April 2020.




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How to apply

[ Application Period ]      November 20 (Wed.) and 22 (Fri.), 2019        1:30-3:30 p.m.


[ Place ]   Center for Japanese Language Education

                 (Administration Bureau Building 2, 5th floor)    -> map


                 Room501  (The room is located near the elevator.

                                  Directions will be provided on notice boards on the application day.)


[ Necessary documents for Application ]

               (1) ID card issued by UTokyo*

               (2) 2 copies of photo (4cm x 3cm)

               (3) Attendance sheet

           → Click here for the application forms.


                * If your ID card has not been issued, please bring an official
                   document stamped by the dean of your school/institute/hospital, which
                   shows that you have been officially accepted by the University of Tokyo.
                   If you do not have such a document, please prepare a certificate of
                   acceptance stamped by the dean of your school/institute/hospital.
                   A sample form can be downloaded from here.

           In addition to the above, foreign researchers must supply the following.

               (4) Letter of Request from your Supervising Professor 


    [ For inquiries ]   


               International Support Group, Go Global Center



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1) There is no beginner-level course available in this additional registration. However, we will offer a short-term Japanese course for beginners which you may wish to consider. Please click here for more information.


2) The Mid-semester applications are also open for courses offered at Komaba Research Campus (Levels 1 and 2). Please click here for more information.




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