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Intensive Japanese Course

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This course is for those students who wish to study Japanese intensively for one semester.

Although the number of learning hours per week depends on the level (from 12 to 4 sessions of 100 minutes each), every level is designed to improve four skill areas -speaking, listening, reading, and writing, in a balanced manner. Classes are small, with approximately 10 students and aim to improve these abilities in a short time.

In order to achieve this goal, it is most important to attend every class and make time to do the assigned homework, preparation, and review every day. Thus we ask you to consult with your advising professor prior to applying for the Intensive Course. During the semester, if you intend to return to your home country or travel for research, or if you require a lot of time for research activities and preparation for the entrance exams, we recommend that you take the General Course, not the Intensive Course.

Further, as taking the Intensive Japanese Course is limited to one time during your stay here, please take the General Course after completion to continue your studies.




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Potential Applicants


International Students (graduate students and research students) at the University of Tokyo

*selection criteria apply



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Selection Test


Students for the Intensive Japanese Course will be accepted based on a selection test for Intensive Japanese Course held at Center for Japanese Language Education.

For those students who wish to take the course, apply in advance at your department’s office and take the written and interview test on the date that is indicated.

The level of the course will be decided by the test results and you may not choose the level on your own.




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Course Period, Class Schedule, and Textbooks 




For Year 2017 October Course 





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How to apply for Intensive Japanese Course



With a signature of your academic advisor, apply at each graduate school office within the designated period.


* Signature of consent from your academic advisor is necessary because once the application is accepted, students of the "Intensive Japanese Course" must attend all lessons.


[ period ]  The designated application period; early April (for April Course), from late September to early October (for October Course)


* Application deadlines are fixed by each graduate school office.


[ Place ]  Your graduate school office  



* In order to attend a course, you must take the selection test held at the Center.
If you do not take a test, you will not be permitted to the course regardless of the reason, so please make sure to attend.


* Please obtain information on how to apply and the selection test schedule within the designated period from your graduate school office.



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* Notes on Course Attendance

In order to allow all of the students attending the course to learn effectively, students with poor attendance or homework submission may be asked to change their course, even mid-semester. We ask for you understanding in this.



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