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Academic Japanese Course    * Advanced only

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*Academic Japanese Course will be offered as one of "Special Themed Seminar".



The "Academic Japanese Course" which focuses on "academic Japanese" is for advanced level international students who wish to improve their Japanese language ability for their research activities, such as writing a thesis or giving a paper.

It is not easy to write a thesis or prepare papers for academic conferences and seminars in Japanese even for international students who have already had advanced level Japanese abilities and completed noteworthy research. As for academic writing, there are a lot of basic rules that students should know such as how to introduce the research objectives and definitions, how to illustrate classifications, how to quote, how to show data, how to develop the logic, etc. apart from technical issues. This class aims to provide necessary training in these areas.

Since there is only one lesson (100 minutes) per week, students are required to attend all lessons of the term and submit all assignments without fail. If you wish to enroll, please sign up at each graduate course's office with the signature of consent of your academic advisor within the specified period. Although the course is open to all international students of the University of Tokyo regardless of whether Japanese government-financed or privately-financed, there is a screening test.

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