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Short-term Japanese Courses

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For details on how to apply for this course, please see the bottom of this page.




The Short-term Course, taught for 1-2 weeks, is designed for those students who are too busy to attend classes on a regular basis, or who arrived in the middle of a term.


"Introduction to the Japanese Language"

Learn basic words and phrases commonly used in daily life and study the fundamentals of the Japanese language.


"Survival Japanese"

Learn useful Japanese expressions and phrases for everyday situations.




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For international students (graduate and research students) and foreign researchers at UTokyo who have very little or no experience studying Japanese.

  *If your ID card has not been issued, please submit an official document stamped by the dean of your school/institute/hospital, which shows that you have been officially accepted by the University of Tokyo. If you do not have such a document, please prepare a certificate of acceptance stamped by the dean of your school/institute/hospital.    -> sample form download  

No selection criteria are applied, but if your level and aims do not match the course, you may not be permitted to enroll.

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Course Period

Classes will be conducted online (2020A1A2).


    Term Period

    Application deadline

    Survival Japanese


     (A) Jan. 18(Mon.) - 22(Fri.)

     8:30 - 10:15

     (B) Feb. 1(Mon.) - 5(Fri.)

     13:00 - 14:45

      Note: This course is for beginners and can be taken without knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana.  

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How to apply


[ Application Process and Deadline ]

    Please click the link below and complete the two steps by the deadline.

Step1 : System registration   3 days before the course starts  

                                           (excluding weekends and holidays)

Step2 : Application for each seminar      2 days before the course starts   
(excluding weekends and holidays)









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* Notes on Attendance Certification and Completion Certification


Please be aware that the Short-term Japanese Course does not provide a certificate.








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