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The Japanese Language Education Center will accept all course applications online.

'Individual Tutoring Session' will also be accepted via same online system.


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Online Application




About  Application 〈F.A.Q.s〉



  About taking two or more classes at once in one semester  
  • How many classes can I take in one semester?
  • For the regular course (General Course and Intensive Course), you can only take one class in a semester. Taking into consideration your schedule, please choose which course is better for you and apply. Taking either the General Course or Intensive Course and an Irregular Course (Short-term Course and Special Themed Seminar) in one semester is allowed.
  • I want to study a lot this semester so I want to take both General Level 3 and Level 4. Is this allowed?

  • No. For Comprehensive Japanese, you can only take one class.

  • I want to take the Intensive Course, but I am afraid I will not pass the selection test. Can I apply for both the Intensive Course and the General Course at the same time?
  • You can apply for both courses tentatively, but if you are accepted to the Intensive Course, your application to the General Course will be cancelled.

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