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Course period and Schedule for Year 2017         


    Course starting in April  
      April 21 (Fri.) - July 24 (Mon.)  
    Course starting in October  

    October 16 (Mon.), 2017 to February 2 (Fri.), 2018

       [Winter holiday: December 16 (Sat.) to January 8 (Mon.)]  



Class Schedules for Year 2017, October Course      

1st period:
2nd period:
3rd period:
13:20-15:00   *Intensive Japanese Course Only
4th period:



Intensive Japanese Course



* The level of the Intensive Course will be decided by the selection test results and you may not choose the level on your own.



Academic Japanese Course


*The course will be offered as one of "Special Themed Seminar" .


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Textbooks for Year 2017 October Course    



Intensive Japanese Course


Class1 Center's original textbook
  Situational Functional Japanese II (BONJINSHA)
Class2 Center's original textbook
  Situational Functional Japanese II, III (BONJINSHA)

TRY! Bumpoo kara nobasu Nihongo [Revised Edition] (ASK)


Chukyu Nihongo Bunpo Yoten Seiri Pointo 20 [Intermediate Level Japanese Grammer, 20 Most Basic Points] (3A Corporation)*


      To note

    *From this textbook, we will be focusing mainly on upper-intermediate grammar.


* The table above shows textbooks used for regular classes. These textbooks may be changed depending on the term.

* If you are accepted to the Intensive Japanese Course, the text book will be explained at the orientation after the opening ceremony. There is no need to purchase one in advance.




Academic Japanese Course


Materials developed by the Center for Japanese Language Education will be used.








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