Center for Japanese Language Education,the University of Tokyo

KIKUCHI, Yasuto (Professor, Head)

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My major is linguistics, especially Japanese grammar and honorifics. I have already been teaching Japanese to international students for almost 20 years. Besides teaching, the pursuit of better Japanese language education is one of my important topics of research. The Japanese language education department of the International Center has always been making efforts to design and coordinate the better courses so that the students can effectively learn Japanese to the highest level as possible. I am responsible for entire activities of the department, and at the same time I also teach various classes from elementary to most advanced classes as one of the teaching staff of the Center. My goal is to provide classes which are 1. easy to follow, which 2. help students to improve their abilities, and which 3. meet the intellectual curiosity of the international students of the University of Tokyo.

Besides the classes of the International Center, I also teach linguistics for graduate school of humanities and sociology , faculty of letters.

My Research

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