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Speeches of our international students

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We will introduce some of the speeches which were delivered at the completion ceremony by our students who completed about 4 months of Japanese courses (Intensive Japanese Course, Academic Japanese Course) at the center. You may be able to assume the atmosphere of the classes, lesson content, Japanese proficiency levels of elementary to advanced classes (the original speech was written in Japanese). Especially, you may find it useful to read the speech written by a class 1 student who has never studied Japanese as your guideline to how far you may be able to achieve within 4 months of study.

Speeches delivered at the completion ceremony




2016 October Course
Class 1



(Indonesia, Agricaltural and Life Sciences)

(Uganda, Medicine)

Class 2


(Chile, Engineering)
Class 3



(Bulgaria, Engineering)

(China, Engineering)

Class 4 ZHU YIJUN (China, Engineering)


   * Class 3, 4 & Academic Japanese Course   Japanese Version


(Indonesia/Uganda, Agricaltural and Life Sciences/Medicine)








( Chile, Engineering)



Hello everyone, my name is Jorge from class number 2. It is an honor to be here today representing my class.

The intensive course began on October last year. At that time we did not know each other and barely spoke any Japanese. 4 months later we’ve become good friends and a little more proficient in Japanese.

People from our class came from various countries. We had people from China, Thailand, Uganda, Germany, and myself from Chile. I think the class was a very good opportunity for learning from these other cultures.

During this term, we went together either to the Daini Shokudo or the Chuo Shokudo to have lunch. While we ate we used to practice Japanese, learn both Thai and Chinese and talk about other interesting topics.

Our Thai classmates invited us to try Thai food which was very good and cheap. We also celebrated the Chinese new year by organizing a party in which we ate a lot of food prepared by our Chinese classmates. Such good memories.

Of course we also made great efforts to study Japanese.

Everyone was eager to learn Japanese and had a very good disposition for working with and helping each other. This promoted a really good learning environment and for that I am deeply grateful.

It is in part thanks to that environment that we learned various new things such as renting lockers and inviting some friends out, but by far the most important thing we learned was asking for permission in case we wanted to go home earlier.

To all of my classmates, thank you for studying together with me. I really hope that even though the class is finished we will still go out and have lunch together from time to time.

To all of the Center’s teachers, thank you for teaching us kindly every day.  Your way of teaching was very helpful and fun, which is why we enjoyed so much studying with you. I think the intensive course did not only teach us Japanese, which is essential for life in Japan, but it also represented the first steps towards getting to know better Japan. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity of studying in the Intensive Course.

Thank you very much.








  * Class 3 & 4   Japanese Version



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