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Speeches of our international students

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We will introduce some of the speeches which were delivered at the completion ceremony by our students who completed about 3 months of the Intensive Japanese Course at the center. You may be able to assume the atmosphere of the classes, lesson content, Japanese proficiency levels of elementary to intermediate classes (the original speech was written in Japanese). Especially, you may find it useful to read the speech written by a class 1 student who has never studied Japanese as your guideline to how far you may be able to achieve within 3 months of study.

Speeches delivered at the completion ceremony







2019 October Course
Class 1


Indonesia, Agricultural and Life Sciences

Class 2


Vietnam, Medicine
Class 3


Philippines, Engineering




(Indonesia, Agricultural and Life Sciences)


Hello, everyone. My name is Amalia from Class 1. Currently I am a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. I am going to give a speech to represent class 1. It is a little scary (to speak Japanese in front of a lot of people for the first time), but I am going to try my best.

When I arrived in Japan in August 2019, I realized that daily life was very challenging because I did not understand Japanese.  All I could say was, “sumimasen (excuse me),” “arigatou gozaimasu (thank you),” “nihongo wakarimasen (I don’t understand Japanese),” “tasukete (help me)…”

Therefore, my supervisor and my seniors at my laboratory recommended that I take this intensive course at the Nihongo Center.

Class 1 consists of 6 people from different countries and graduate schools. I still remember our first Conversation Challenge, how panicked we were, how our minds went back and we forgot what to say. We also had a lot of homework every day so it was challenging.

However, in about 2-3 weeks, the class gradually got more fun. Every day, we practiced speaking Japanese in class and had lunch together afterwards. Because everyone in my class studied hard, they also motivated me to study Japanese harder.

On behalf of our class, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the teachers and staff at the Nihongo Center. I think we have improved our Japanese since we took this class. Actually, two weeks ago, I went to karaoke and sang a Japanese drama theme song. I was able to read and sing the lyrics in hiragana and katakana so smoothly, even I was surprised.

To all my classmates and all intensive course students, let’s keep in touch.  Let’s continue doing our best in improving our Japanese. Let’s also go to karaoke together some time!

Finally, I will remember fondly our time here in the Nihongo Center. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.





Class 2   DO AN DANG

(Vietnam, Medicine)


Hello, everybody.

I am Class 2’s An, from Vietnam. Please allow me to make this speech as Class 2’s representative.

When this course started, my classmates and I could only communicate a little in Japanese. We had class every day, from Monday to Friday. We studied things like grammar, kanji, and conversation using iPads and videos. We also practiced (speaking) by making a phone call to our teacher, and making a program at the Nihongo Center called “NHK International Student’s Time.” In the beginning, we were often anxious, but the more we practiced, the more we got used to communicating in Japanese.

We were also able to talk about different topics in class, such as amazing Japanese things, famous places, and delicious food. Also, we can now talk about our respective countries’ culture and language in Japanese. Though we only spent three short months together, thanks to these class activities, we all became good friends.

We also learned a lot about Japanese culture. It was a lot of fun learning how to make Japanese sweets at the Wagashi Seminar. I was able to take pictures and videos of my work and send it to my friends back in my country. Because of this, I was able to understand Japan’s culture better and like it more in the process.

Thanks to our teachers who so eagerly taught us, we were able to improve our Japanese. We are now able to confidently communicate with our teachers and Japanese friends.

My classes here at the University of Tokyo Nihongo Center have become cherished memories. If I continue to study Japanese from now on too, I think I can enjoy my daily life here in Japan even more.

Finally, to my teachers and classmates, thank you very much.






(Philippines, Engineering)


Hello everyone.

Teachers, us students are sincerely grateful to you for teaching us the Japanese language.

Fellow students, you’ve worked hard! Finally, the course is completed! Congratulations!

The Japanese course started three months ago, and I think that everyone’s Japanese ability has improved tremendously. Even though learning Japanese is difficult, we didn’t give up but worked hard, and gradually we became able to speak Japanese. Using Japanese, we also became able to express our feelings, chat with our friends and maybe even find a date. These small successes are results of everyone’s efforts and the guidance of our teachers.

In addition to our improvement in Japanese, there is another important thing we acquired from the course, and that is the friends we were able to make. With these friends, not only can you go out and eat together, but because your Japanese level are at about the same level you can speak Japanese with them comfortably. In my case, while eating together with my Class 3 classmates, we’ll sometimes discuss about questions that we had related to the previous lecture.  Through these discussions, I was also able to learn from them. Even if the Japanese course has ended, our relationship with our friends will not end. Don’t you think so as well? With friends like these, I think that continuing to study and speaking Japanese will become even more enjoyable. After all, travelling with friends is more fun than travelling alone.



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