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Useful Links

  • Sites for self-study
  • Useful sites for students who want to study Japanese by themselves.

  • Support sites
  • Useful sites to refer to whenever you encounter a problem in reading Japanese sentences or browsing the internet.

Sites for self-study

elementary intermediate advanced
Hiragana and Katakana
*NCUT Original site
50 hiragana sounds chart, stroke order movies, drag-and -drop taskes, etc.

Kanji Step Up -Beginning to Intermediate 500 Kanji

*NCUT Original site

You can study approximately 500 kanji. You can also hear example words or phrases.
Kanji Movies "Gahoh" You can see the stroke order. Various types of indexes are available.  
(Under Construction)        

Support sites

elementary intermediate advanced
When facing difficulties in reading Japanese sentences
Hiragana Megane Furigana for the kanji on the homepage .(not 100%correct, but a good reference, right?)  
Japanese Language Reading Tutorial System Reading Tutor Can indicate the meaning and how to read texts. Can also judge your Japanese level.
When needing to check the words of Chinese origin
Japanese Learner's Dictionary Can listen to words and phrases. Can also search through example phrases.
Forgiving Online Kanji SearchFOKS Able to search for the word without knowing the correct pronunciation of the word.
When encountering unfamiliar computer-related words
A Word List of Computing for Learners of Japanese *HTML version Able to understand computer-related terms in Japanese  
When you want to know the phonetic information of Japanese language
Online Japanese Accent Database OJAD Able to know the accent and prosody of Japanese words and phrases
Others (Install Required)
Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox * For "Mozilla Firefox" browser users only Download "rikaichan" Just hover the mouse on top of a word, and a popup appears. Automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives. Detailed kanji view.

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