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This page introduces some of the materials under development by the Center for Japanese Language  Education, the University of Tokyo.


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Instructional Design: Mariko Masuda, Yasuto Kikuchi, Kaoru Maehara
Technology: Sangmok Lee



Japanese Language has three writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Of these three, hitahgana is the most basic. We'll start by taking a look at the hiragana system.



Our “hiragana” material consists of three parts: Intro, Main, Task.

You can switch on the tab.



If you are learning “hiragana” for the first time, we strongly recommend you study this part first.


You can learn “hiragana” one line at a time. We recommend studying in order of Index, but Special Characters 1-6 can also be studied afterwards.



Five tasks (Checking Stroke order, Completing the Hiragana Chart with Drag and Drop, and others) are contained. Please work on them to establish and check the memory.



Screen shot (sample)


Sound and Stroke order


Complete the Hiragana Chart





Instructional Design: Kaoru Maehara, Mariko Masuda, Yasuto Kikuchi
Technology: Sangmok Lee


Kanji Step Up
-Beginning to Intermediate 500 Kanji


These materials are for the study of roughly 500 Kanji grouped in various ways, such as by character shape (radicals, identified by similar shapes), meaning, and function (situation, usages, such as verbs, and affixation). Each lesson consists of 10-15 characters and has 5 parts.



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